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CRC Canada – Featured Speaker

June 26, 2012 0 Comments

Paul Boeckman, vice president of engineering, the Crosby Group
Paul Boeckman is the vice president-engineering at The Crosby Group in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has been involved in the lifting and rigging industry since beginning his career at Crosby as a product engineer in 1984. His experience has been in the design and development of rigging and lifting equipment during his 28 year career at Crosby. He is highly involved in standards development organization committee work within ASME, API, and trade organizations relevant to the rigging and lifting industry.

Don’t Miss The Presentation on Cold Temperature Shackles at CRC Canada 2012!
The push to explore more remote areas of the world, and operate in harsh environments, has required rigging and lifting gear to operate at extremely low temperatures. Equipment operating at the low temperatures needs to have certain characteristics that make them suitable for low temperature service. These considerations are to be discussed, along with some of the characteristics of shackles used in low temperature applications.


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