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CRC Canada To Discuss Cold Weather Influences

April 25, 2012 1 Comment

A winter lift in Alberta, Canada. Delegates will learn more about the deep temperature behavior of wire rope and other components.

Out in the Cold 
The Canadian installment of the Crane & Rigging Conference (CRC Canada) will return to Edmonton, Alberta, at the Sutton Place Hotel, Sept. 13-14, 2012.

Using lifting equipment is hazardous at the best of times, let alone when freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall are commonplace for half of the year, like in many regions of Canada. The second MCM Events Crane & Rigging Conference Canada will explain how cold weather influences the use of cranes, hoists and rigging beyond what is obvious to the naked eye.

Knut Buschmann, president, Unirope Ltd., will deliver a presentation on “Cold Weather Application of Steel Wire Rope.” He says, “With the increasing activity around the natural resources in Canada’s arctic regions, mobile cranes and other lifting equipment are now exposed to ultra deep temperatures. As a safety precaution, he says, operation during extremely cold temperatures is often suspended.

Very little is known about the deep temperature behavior of wire rope. Generally, when metals do not have adequate impact toughness and are exposed to low temperatures, they become brittle and fail.

“To test this behavior, usually a so-called ‘charpy impact’ test is performed,” says Buschmann. “However, steel wires used in wire rope are of a very small diameter, which does not lend itself to this type of test.

To date, there is no deep temperature steel developed specifically to be used in wire rope. “The industry relies on past experience and some static breaking strength test results, but the actual influence of ultra-deep temperatures on the fatigue behavior of rope wire has not been studied nor published in any rope-related science literature,” Buschmann adds.  Unirope has started a research project at the University of Regensburg and Erlangen, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Ulrich Briem. The university has a cold chamber in which rope wire samples can be cooled down and subsequently fatigue and tensile tested.  The presentation will show some of these test results and outline which conclusions, if any, can be applied to the lifting industry.

Fred Wolsey, systems engineer for cranes and hoists at Ontario’s Bruce Power nuclear power station, addresses last year's delegation. He will speak again at the 2012 conference.

Other topics of interest  
In addition to wire rope, Paul Boeckman, vice president of engineering, the Crosby Group, will look specifically at “Cold Temperature Shackles.” Fellow presenter Judy Mellott, president and CEO, All Canadian Training Institute (ACTi), says: “There is a real need for this information here due to our sub-zero winters for six months of the year. I have talked to a number of companies, and they are not familiar with this type of cold-weather hardware.” She said the normal process is to just de-rate the gear in extremely cold temperatures.

Last year's panel discusses harmonization of regulations relevant to cranes and rigging with Alberta and the other three Western provinces.

Among a host of other headline speakers is Fred Wolsey, systems engineer for cranes and hoists at Ontario’s Bruce Power nuclear power station, who returns to CRC Canada, having explained last year the challenges and successes of refurbishing the power plant’s aging overhead cranes.

CRC Canada 2012 will also feature a much anticipated update from last year’s panel, which discussed harmonization of regulations relevant to cranes and rigging with Alberta and the other three Western provinces—British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba—and possibly beyond. The North West Territories are addressing major growth in the oil, gas, and mining sectors over the next 10 years.  CRC Canada is a partnership between Maximum Capacity Media (MCM), ACTi, and Kolo Safety Inc.


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  1. I work in ND the weather is 24 to -35 can you tell me somthing about my crane i got 110 ton crawler-90 foot of boom 7/8 rope main 7/8boom hoist 7/8 aux we lift up to 65.000 pounds rigging 1/1.8 we tow crane most of all work can you send me info on ropsin cold wearther

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